We are open 7 days a week from 11 in the morning until 01 if the weather allows.

We close for the season at the end of September.

Otherwise, we have only closed on Midsummer's Eve. But opens up on midsummer day at 1 p.m.

Unfortunately we do not accept reservations on tables. We have over 700 seats, so if you are out in good time, there should be no problems.

We have now opened up event requests for the 2023 season

Send your request at event@malarpaviljongen.se

We welcome you, however, we can not reserve any seats. If you want to eat, we recommend that you collect your order and send one of your friends down to the restaurant to order so you get the food at the same time.

We have four buoys that you can add. As long as you come in with the bow or stern.

Unfortunately, we can not allow you to stay overnight.

With us, dogs are always welcome as long as you show consideration if other guests should be allergic or have a phobia.

We have a gluten-free / vegan burger that we serve. Otherwise, just walk over to our sister restaurant which is Plant based, Gluten free and low lactose and bring it down to us.

If you want to sit with your stroller on a table, we have a stroller parking-area just when you enter outside the fence.

If you want to sit inside, you can park the stroller outside and pick up a high chair that is right in the middle of the checkouts.

On rainy / cloudy days, Strollers are also allowed inside the fence so you can sit under the awnings.

Unfortunately, strollers are not allowed on the pontoons as it is a boat and we must have free escape routes.